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Academic Package

Student-centred educational system is implemented at our university. In this system all the studies and coursework (theory and application hours of the courses, attendance, laboratories, project works, homework, exams, senior projects and so on) completed by the students will be assessed and credited. With their facilities and supplies, all the departments/ programmes will provide students with application opportunities in the related fields. Credit system, which is called as European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) reflecting the studies and coursework completed successfully by the students, increases the degree of recognisability in national and international areas and facilitates our students’ admissions to national and international universities by providing them with the required credits accumulated through their academic studies. This new system will also give our students the chance to be employed both in national and international professional areas.

With this system, our students will clearly be able to see what they will learn, how they will learn, where they will apply the knowledge, who will lecture the courses, how they will be able to utilize the knowledge gained in professional areas, and their competences upon graduation. Briefly, this new system will allow our students to have knowledge about the competences they will gain upon graduation by reviewing programme and learning outcomes at the beginning of their education.