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Program Objectives Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee International Cooperations
Establishment Tuition Fee Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
Qualification Awarded Double Major–Minor Programs Access to Further Studies
Language of Instruction Internship Departmental Facilities
Mode of Education Grading Scheme Program Activities
Admission and Registration Requirements Graduation Requirements Contact Information

Program Objectives

 İstanbul Kültür University Psychology Programme's purpose is to achieve students abilities and information about modern psychology's  fundamental theories and practices and to coach human resources who can be productive in working areas with the comprehensive education about business psychology. In this general framework, Psychology Programme; place importance to scientific research methods and technics and let the candidates to make research in different environments or facilitate to carry on with their academical carriers. 


 Since İstanbul Kültür University Psychology Programme has been founded in 2007, it keeps on  growing with it's internationally proficient staff and who will study in different issues of psychology. 

Qualification Awarded

 Undergraduate Qualification.

Language of Instruction

 İstanbul Kültür University Psychology Programme's language of instruction is Turkish. 

Mode of Education


Admission and Registration Requirements

90 students who take a central placement examination carried out by ÖSYM can apply to Psychology Department. Candidates are placed by ÖSYM according to their LYS scores, elections and department's circumstances and quotas. Registrations of students are applied by University's Students Head of Department. 

Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee

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Tuition Fee

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Double Major–Minor Programs

 Psychology programme has minor programme fellowship with Departments of Communication Design, Business Administration and Molecular Biology and Genetic and also Psychology programme has double major fellowship with Departments of Communication Design. 


Psychology Programme students are carrying out their compulsory or optional internships to learn and experience the areas of psychology according to their own interests and future expactations under the supervising of internship coordinator. To enlarge our internship pool, we are going through with partners in many different areas considering our students needs and proposals.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, every student must take and be successful from at least 60 credit from DE course pool and at least 4 credits from EL course pool.  Additionally, every student must complete 40 workdays internship. Internship is a two graded system and each grade is for 20 workdays. Every student can begin internship from 5. term. Internship is totally 8 AKTS credits. 

International Cooperations

İstanbul Kültür University Psychology Department has collaboration with 3 universities within ERASMUS framework. These are; Leipzig University in Germany: www.zv.uni-leipzig.de/  and  www.unitbv.ro/  University of Catholique de Lille and University of Berlin.

Protocol interviews continue with Case Western Research University in America within academical collaboration. There is also a collaboration with  Leipzig University, "Institute of Applied Social Sciences" and intercultural field researches are going on in Austria.  

Occupational Profiles Of Graduates

  Students graduated from psychology departments have chances to work in various areas as "psychologist" such as indicated below;
-government hospitals -Clinics -Rehabilitation Centers -Nursery Schools -Social Services -Family Courts -Human Resources Departmens -Dialysis Clinics -Nursing Homes

Access to Further Studies

Students graduated successfully from İstanbul Kültür University Psychology Department, can apply to any master and phd programmes in different universities.

Departmental Facilities

Course diversity for different sub-branches of psychology, lectures for practice as well as practical lessons, supervision support by relevant lecturers for the internship areas, opportunity to take part in scientific and social activities, ability to interact with experts working on the field in various scientific activities, preparation of scientific research and academic writing possibility of preparing a finishing project...

Program Activities

 Since it was founded in 2007, Psychology Department has been organizing "Educational Psychology Symposium". In year 2011 4. EPS had been organized. Also every year, with participation of distinguished people, "Psikoloji Sohbetleri" is being organizing.
In year 2009, Women in Management Symposium had been organized. In year 2012 International Hyperactivity Congress is thought to be organized in our university.  In framework of İETT Project, regular educations are given to drivers about communication, stress and anger management. Also, a research about reasons of burn-out syndrome in drivers is in progress.  According to needs of teachers and directors of Kültür Schools, several seminars are being organizing.   

Contact Information

Head of Department:  Assistant Prof. Dr. Melis Seray Özden  m.ozden@iku.edu.tr extension: 4548

Assistant Head of Department:  Assistant Prof. Dr. Derya Deniz  d.deniz@iku.edu.tr extension: 4622

Prof. Dr. Tülay Bozkurt t.bozkurt@iku.edu.tr extension: 4369

Assosiated Prof. Dr. Zeynep Oktuğ      z.oktuğ@iku.edu.tr       extension: 4346

Assistant Prof. Dr. Serra İçellioğlu                              s.icellioglu@iku.edu.tr extension: 4337

Resarch Assistant  Ece Naz Ermiş                             e.ermis@iku.edu.tr    extension: 4785

Resarch Assistant  Seda Kantarcı                               s.kantarci@iku.edu.tr    extension:4787

Resarch Assistant  Nida Ateş                              n.ates@iku.edu.tr    extension:4699

Resarch Assistant Tolga Ergiyen                       t.ergiyen@iku.edu.tr     extension: 4802

Resarch Assistant E. Doğa Kozak                   e.kozak@iku.edu.tr      extension: 4812