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Program Amacı Burslar Uluslararası İşbirliği
Kuruluş Katkı Payı Mezunların İstihdam Profilleri
Kazanılan Derece Çift Anadal - Yandal Üst Derece Programlara Geçiş
Öğretim Dili Staj Sunulan Olanaklar
Çalışma Şekli Ölçme ve Değerlendirme Program Etkinlikleri
Yerleşme Şartları Mezuniyet Koşulları İletişim Bilgileri

Program Amacı

In recent years, Business Science has undergone significant progress in parallel with the rapid developments in technology and has led to the emergence of a modern discipline and profession called management. Today, in our country, while companies make realistic plans on the one hand and organize their material and human resources in the most effective and economic manner, they are trying to reach the information power that can withstand the ever-increasing international competition. The Department of Business Administration is committed to monitoring developments in the field of business management, developing and implementing the information it obtains. Students of the undergraduate education, equipped with the knowledge and skills required by the science of business, who can communicate in any environment, questioning, defending their views, contemporary, at least one foreign language well-known, entrepreneurial and leadership qualities as individuals who strive to grow up.


Founded on 15 July 1997 with the effect of Law #4281, Department of Business Administration of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Istanbul Kültür University enrolled its first students in the 1997-1998 Academic Year. In the 2000-2001 Academic Year, the Department of Business Administration started the English Application Group, which gave English medium instruction in the courses proposed by the Head of the Department, meeting one of the indispensable conditions of business administration instruction by targeting to raise citizens for the global world. And founded in 2010, Business Administration Dual-Medium Instruction Department combines Turkish medium instruction with at least 30% of English medium instruction in its courses.

Kazanılan Derece

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration is given to all students who have at least 240 ECTS and successfully complete all courses in the four-year education plan.

Öğretim Dili

The medium of instruction in our department is both Turkish and English. At least 30% of the compulsary and elective courses are delivered in English. Students enrolling in this department take the English Proficiency Exam given by the University or they can apply with the documents showing their English proficiency. Those who fall short of the score or level determined by the Senate of the University must attend the English Prep School. At the end of one academic year those students who meet the English proficiency benchmark criteria may continue with their freshman year.

Çalışma Şekli

Full Time

Yerleşme Şartları

OSYM settlement conditions are as follows :
Fakülte / MYO / Bölüm Adı Puan Türü 2019 Kont.
2018 Başarı Sırası                                                     
2018 Taban Puan
İşletme (Ücretli) EA 20 Yeni Yeni
İşletme (Burslu) EA 5 293000 274,7147
İşletme (%75 İndirimli) EA 25 - -
İşletme (İngilizce) (Ücretli) EA 20 Yeni Yeni
İşletme (İngilizce) (Burslu) EA 6 227000 289,3341
İşletme (İngilizce) (%75 İndirimli) EA 34 - -

Çift Anadal - Yandal

The double-major program means education in both of the departments at the same time and hence proficiency in a wider scope and job opportunities in a wider market. Istanbul Kultur University offers the opportunity to attend the double major program for its high up students.

The double-major program means education in both of the departments at the same time and hence proficiency in a wider scope and job opportunities in a wider market. Istanbul Kultur University offers the opportunity to attend the double major program for its high up students.

The students who successfully accomplished the double major program hold both of the Bachelor of Art Degrees.

In the Department of Business Administration, the double major program is pursued by the Department of Economics, Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences and Department of  Industrial Engineering whose course schedule is the closest among other departments for the Business Administration.

Students of Business Administration Department have the opportunity to attend Minor programs of Psychology, Public Relations, Advertising, English Language and Literature, International Relations and Economics Departments. The students who successfully accomplished the minor programs could receive Minor Program Certificate of these programs.


There is no compulsory internship.

Mezuniyet Koşulları

According to the 2010-2011 Academic Years' requirements, students who accomplish 240 ECTS (minimum 2.00 Grade Point Average over 4.00) can have the right to receive their Undergraduate Diploma.

Uluslararası İşbirliği

The International Cooperations Department has Erasmus agreements with more than 35 countries including Greece, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Letonia, France and Poland. Since 2004, Business Administration Department has been the pioneer in terms of sending Erasmus students to spend either one term or a year at European Universities. Additionally, BA Department is the most active Department at the University, not only student but also staff mobility.

Mezunların İstihdam Profilleri

Business Administration Department graduates can find employment in various fields such as;

- Advertising

- Money and Capital Markets

- Banking and Insurance

- Finance

- International Trade (Export-Import)

- Purchasing

- Accounting and Certified Public Accounting

- Public Relations

- Production Planning

- Management Counselling

- Human Resources Management

- Customs

at Public and Private sectors, International Enterprises, Industry Companies and Service Sector (tourism, finance, health, catering and ...ect in management levels. Business Administration Department educates entrepreneurs who are eager to establish their own firms, are creative and willing to take risks. As well as these, it is possible to work at universities in academic positions.

Sunulan Olanaklar

Academic Counselling System is one of the leading properties of the Buiness Administration Department. Academic Counsellers appointed upon the registration for the departments, follows up the students till graduation in various phases. They support the students to discover their interests and skills; in course selections, double major-minor program orientations and also in adaptation to the university. 

IKU accepts students for 32 undergraduate degree programs that are included by five faculties and two vocational schools. Also, 14  postgraduate and graduate programs maintained in Social Sciences Institute and Science Institute.

Program Etkinlikleri

İletişim Bilgileri

Head of Department
Prof.Dr.Evren Ayrancı
Tel: +90 212 498 44 00

Tel: +90 212 498 44 00
Faks: +90 212 465 82 98